I’m so proud to announce that yesterday, I received the endorsement of our nation’s leading immigrant rights policymaker, Congressman Luis Gutierrez!

This is big news--the Congressman has been a champion for working families and immigrants, and his support means so much.

The press conference to announce the Congressman’s endorsement was right in the heart of Pilsen, and we were joined by dozens of supporters and members of the Chicago City Council Latino Caucus, Aldermen George Cardenas and Raymond Lopez.

But unfortunately, my opponent's family and campaign staff tried to derail the positive endorsement event, showing up with an angry mob who shouted racial slurs and tried to physically intimidate our supporters. Watch the complete story here.

The Acevedo campaign’s use of harassment and physical intimidation is completely inappropriate and has no place in the democratic process. Pushing, threatening and screaming in people's faces are the kind of dirty politics that voters in our communities reject.

We won’t allow the machine to divide us along racial lines. These violent tactics are signs of my opponent's desperation in the face of our grassroots momentum in the final weeks of this campaign.

Will you join us in standing up to this abhorrent behavior? Please click here to donate $20 right now and help us fight back against these attacks!

We need to stand together in the face of these divisive, old-school tactics. Together, we can continue to run a positive grassroots campaign to bring all our communities together around our shared values.

Thank you for all that you do.

Theresa Mah


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